Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Look for the Norfolk Island Museum

Our new logo

When the Norfolk Island Tourist Bureau unveiled the new branding for Norfolk Island towards the end of last year, they provided us with the opportunity to look afresh at how the Museum presents itself to visitors. We wanted to work with the new “World of Norfolk” brand and were really excited by the new colour palate provided by the creative team that worked on the “Welcome Back to Earth” tag line. When our brochures were due for a re-print earlier this year, we used that as the opportunity to apply a make-over to our logo and overall look to bring us in line with the brand.
We were very happy to work with local graphic designer Haylee Fieldes, now living in Perth. Haylee produced a new logo and style guide, brochure and flyers for us. Using the new logo, and with the help of Eve Semple's business Signed, we’ve also updated the sandwich boards that sit outside each of our Museum venues.

To say we are delighted with Haylee’s work is an understatement! She has provided us with a really great new logo which incorporates the door image from our old logo with new fonts and colours. The new brochures and flyers are vibrant and clear and are exactly how we want to present ourselves to visitors. As we produce nearly all our advertising and promotional material in-house, with the help of Haylee’s style guide we can use the key elements of the logo, font and colouring to make sure that everything is consistently presented so that our look is intact. Visitors should have no problems identifying our various products. 

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