Sunday, December 6, 2015

Norfolk Island Lighter

Note: This post continues from earlier Salvage and Restoration

A visit to the Lighterage Depot sees Dean Burrell fitting the second carvel, the fastening of planks edge to edge, gaining support from the frame and forming a smooth surface.

 The keel is again chiseled by hand to ensure an accurate fit of the plank.


 Chiselling, planing, sanding - each step is meticulously carried out.

Once the plank is removed from the steamer and moulded to the frame, Dean then completes the laborious task of fitting it to the lighter.
When the carvel is secured in place, it is again inspected to ensure absolute accuracy.

These steps will be repeated again and again, as the lighter project progresses.

Regular posts on the building of the lighter will be uploaded to this blog.

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