Thursday, November 17, 2011

Successful Grant Applications

We have just received notification of two successful grant applications that we are absolutely thrilled about.

The first is a grant from the National Library of Australia’s Community Heritage Grant Program. The grant for $3,700 will be used to set up disaster bins in each of our venues. Disaster bins are quite literally wheelie bins that sit at each venue, filled with the items needed to do a mop up should a disaster occur.

As we know, one of the biggest issues we face at the Pier Store is that it is so close to the sea. This building is almost the first that would be hit if a tsunami occurs again. Other disasters that could occur in any of our buildings include fire, cyclone damage or flooding (even from a burst pipe). Planning for a disaster is part of good museum management and nearly all museums have plans and policies in place about how to deal with a disaster. Disaster bins are an expensive exercise for us as our museums are spread across 3 buildings, we have paper based collections in the Guard House and other items in storage at Anson Bay. This grant will ensure that we are equipped to move straight in after a disaster occurs and save as many objects as possible. Our sincere thanks to the National Library of Australia.

The second grant we will receive is from the Maritime Museum of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPSS), supported by the Australian Government through the Australian National Maritime Museum. This grant for $7,198 is to complete a project called the “Post 1856 Norfolk Island Maritime Project”. It will work with the two key stories of whaling and the Resolution and will include working with collection items such as photographs, artefacts, oral histories and sound recordings.

With this grant we will be able to things such as re-house the Resolution bell, undertake conservation on artefacts, digitise over 300 images and slides, collate recordings of whale songs and oral histories, establish audio-visual presentations in the display area, undertake research on other Resolution artefacts and upgrade display panels. Wow – a total overhaul! Our since thanks to the MMAPSS and the ANMM for this grant.

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