Thursday, November 5, 2015

Timbers and Planking

Work on the building of a new lighter continues at the Lighterage Depot with strengthening of the keel as timber is shaped and fitted with accuracy and skill.

Glen Williams recalled “..…as soon as Howard [Christian] heard that No. 01 had been burnt he came up and said “Hau mach stik yorlye niid? Wael ai el ran naeda twenti soe yu gat et fe speya”.  (How much timber will you need? Well I’ll run another twenty so that you have some to spare).     

 Howard Christian milled the timber from Norfolk Island pine and delivered it to the boatshed.


Glen Williams and Bevon Nicolai stacked and flitched the planks so that all materials were conveniently gathered on site when Dean Burrell commenced work on the lighter.

Regular posts on the building of the lighter will be uploaded to this blog.

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