Wednesday, September 27, 2017

All the kids are free

All the Kids are Free

That is for entry into the museums, as are all school students, not to mention all residents of the island.  There are four separate museums to visit within the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area – put it on the list of school holiday ‘things to do’.

The story in the Pier Store Museum begins with the Mutiny on the Bounty; see the Bounty’s cannon that came to Norfolk Island with the Pitcairn Islanders in 1856, have your photo taken while holding its replica.  See the ring that was used on Pitcairn Island to wed the Mutineer men and the Tahitian women.  Learn more of our language through audios and other material including colouring in sheets for the kids.  Other stories featured in this museum include the Melanesian Mission, religion, industry and whaling – hanging from the ceiling are the massive jawbones of a whale.

Be confronted by two cannons as you step inside the Sirius Museum, these are two very rare short barrelled cannons called carronades aka ‘smashers’ for their fast firing power, behind these is an imposing 1.7 ton wrought iron anchor suspended up on its stock.  Learn of the lives of over 1400 people that travelled on the First Fleet and connect with a piece of history when you touch our ballast block. 

The Commissariat Store Museum tells the tales of the prisoners that were incarcerated on the island when it was a penal settlement between 1825 and 1855; the objects in this museum speak for themselves.  Have you ever wondered about the ruin of the crank mill near Kingston Jetty, how it functioned, learn of this here and see the crank wheels on display.

And No 10 Quality Row, our house museum built in 1844, originally the home of the Foreman of Works from 1844 and later the home of Isaac and Miriam Christian when they arrived from Pitcairn Island in 1856.  Set in beautiful gardens this house contains original building fabric and an earlier form of graffiti.  Layers of culture are expressed through this home, try your hand at one of Norfolk’s traditional cultural activities with our simple weaving instructions and fibre provided.  Take home your own hand made woven bookmark or fish. 

Besides the museums – you can watch a DVD at No. 9 Quality Row, purchase a book from The R.E.O. or check out what’s new in our Public Library in New Cascade Road.

There’s plenty more but you’ll have to come and see for yourself – happy holidays.  

Janelle Blucher
Team Leader Heritage Management
April 2017

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