Sunday, October 15, 2017

Volunteers at the Museum

Volunteers at the Museum
It is with great appreciation that we welcome the return of Michelle and David Cullen to Norfolk Island for their third ‘volunteer holiday’ at the museum.  Michelle and David have become somewhat experts in undertaking cataloguing projects for the museum, their first visit in 2015 was to complete the cataloguing process of the Les Brown Collection and their second visit in 2016 was spent on a cataloguing a backlog of files, books and items into the Norfolk Island Museum Trust Collection.   They arrived back on island two weeks ago and have been busy with further cataloguing and rehousing activities that were identified in the 2016 Norfolk Island Museum Trust Audit and Condition Assessment.
Michelle and David first came to Norfolk for their honeymoon in September 1987, so this year marks their eleventh visit to the island and their thirtieth wedding anniversary.  Already we are discussing possible project and timing for their twelfth visit.   A huge thank you to you both, the work you are doing for us is invaluable!


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